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20-Meter Orion Jupiter Moon Landing Mission by William-Black 20-Meter Orion Jupiter Moon Landing Mission by William-Black
From: GA-5009 Volume 3 Nuclear Pulse Space Vehicle Study Vol. III Conceptual Vehicle Designs and Operational Systems

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This image is based on figure 3.13 from page 64 of the linked PDF. The 10-meter Mars Capture spacecraft is shown for scale reference. To make the presentation more complete I’ve added data describing the 10-meter Mars Capture spacecraft from figure 3.12, page 62, along with data from figure 3.15, page 66, describing the Jupiter moon landing mission spacecraft.

On the right is the 910 day 209,000 fps Jupiter moon landing mission spacecraft. The spacecraft carries a crew of 20 and is equipped with two landing craft carried in two, 2-meter (I0. 5-ft) diameter, 6. 1-meter (20 ft) long, external payload canisters.

Note: Propulsion Module is scaled for Mode I suborbital start-up of the nuclear pulse engine making it  36.8 meters (121 FT) in length, with a vehicle stack of 78 meters (256 FT).

The 20-meter configurations, when designed for exploration missions, are very similar in arrangement to the 10-meter exploration vehicles. The main difference is seen in the nuclear pulse engine. The 20-meter pusher plate possesses twelve second-stage shock absorbers, an outer ring of eight with an inner ring of four, in order to evenly distribute the pulse across the larger diameter pusher.

The capability of the 20-meter vehicles is much greater than that to be expected of a dimensionally scaled-up 10-meter design, because of the higher specific impulse of the larger propulsion module (3, 150 sec compared with 1,850 sec for the 10-meter modules of this study). For this reason the larger module is necessary to attain in one stage the  >200, 000+ fps velocity required for missions to Jupiter.

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merkmuds Featured By Owner Edited Jan 21, 2017
And to think there are some designs that are over 1000 meters....
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